New Trends

My learning partner and I talked about the newest trends in adult education. What I’m starting to realize if that all of this changing technology is finally working its way into the classrooms. I spend a lot of time in other instructors classroom in my role as Sign Language Interpreter and don’t see the use of social media very often. My learning partner, Michelle, is tweeting assignments to her class and connects using Facebook rather than more traditional email. It baffles my mind that email is ‘traditional’ as a form of communication. I grew up in the age of computers and yet it surprises me still at how rapidly things are evolving.

With trepidations, I look forward to seeing how technology changes our classrooms. The reason I give pause to these technological advances is that we have access to so much information that has not been vetted for accuracy. As I peruse my Facebook account (far too often to admit) I often come across outrageous claims that are presented as truth. The accuracy is quickly discovered with a little more digging, however many people will glance at these posts, blogs, websites and news headlines without a second thought as to the veracity of the information.

I am hoping that we can integrate a strong sense of value on critical thinking in our education. This will allow for more accurate use of the information that is exploding on the Internet at an exponential rate.

It is most certainly an interesting time in technological development and access to education.

If you want to explore this further I suggest watching this fantastic video:


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