Well it’s time to be honest, mostly with myself. I am finding this assignment to be my most difficult yet. I thought that blogging would come easy to me. I like to journal and record my thoughts for my own cathartic reasons. I enjoy reading blogs and have always wanted to start one myself. To be honest this was the one assignment I was looking forward to in this course, yet every time I have sat down to work on this blog I have been frustrated and discouraged.

Part of it is that I have to learn a new skill. I thought that I was pretty savvy with a computer and the Internet. I can find information well when using Google as a tool for research and enjoy the challenge of sifting through the mountains of information to find the reliable source of information.

I didn’t realize how much trouble I would have keeping track of where I found that information. I suppose it comes down to learning how to be organized, something that has been a life long struggle.

So today I find myself comparing other’s amazing blogs to mine and am feeling very inadequate and discouraged. I will continue to add blog entries as I journey through this program and have faith that it will become easier.


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