Intimidation and solutions

I started this program interested in learning how to teach but not having a direct goal. I don’t teach anything right now in a class setting. (I do a small amount of mentoring for student interpreters). I don’t have a job lined up or a degree so I can’t get a teaching job in the education sector. I just am interested in learning.

This has proven to be more of a hinderance than I first predicted it would be for me. I find that I don’t have a clear goal or direction. I am often all over the map when I do my assignments, not gearing them towards anything specific. I also am in this course with people who have much higher levels of academic achievement than myself. This has been intimidating. I have found myself reading the forum posts and being blown away with the amount of postings people have put up in the forums. They are cited and well organized. These are obviously people who are used to researching information, disseminating it and presenting it for others to gleen what they can from it. This is a skill I have yet to develop.

I was worried about this until I had a good discussion with my instructor. He helped to alleviate my concerns by reminding me that this is self-directed learning. This is exactly what I am reading about and my education depends on what I make of it. Thanks Doug for modelling what I am hoping to achieve. You have shown me that all kind of learners can be guided with their learning. I will much more guidance but my confidence is renewed for the time being.


2 thoughts on “Intimidation and solutions

  1. AM says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I appreciate your honesty in identifying the challenges you are feeling with learning in the PIDP course.

    I can relate to your sense of intimidation and the vulnerability-confidence cycle that happens with learning. Feels more like a roller coaster than a cycle sometimes!

    One of the strategies that I use to help control my thoughts when learning is to create a personal goal for what I am about to encounter. When I get stressed and become anxious I return to the goal to help centre myself and reflect on my intentions not the course’s.

    For example, I desire to:
    • Develop an understanding of what education is and how it works.
    • Expand my understanding and application of design principles for instruction.

    Personally, I have found that this strategy works. When entering a course it is always an uphill battle. However, over time I realize that I need to own my notions and recognize that my perspectives on learning matter to those I interact with and me. The reason being is that what I think about learning influences how I recognize learning.

    Not sure if this helps but sharing strategies and knowing your not alone makes me realize we are in this process together☺


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