Real life application

I am excited about this digital project I am working on right now. It is challenging because so much is new to me, however I am looking forward to finding a solution to a real problem. As a Sign Language Interpreter who wants to not only help other’s improve their skill but also improve my own I am trying to figure out a good way to achieve this through technology.

One of the struggles has been how do you video tape yourself interpreting as well as the source you are interpreting at the same time. For example, if I wanted to have a learner interpret a TED Talk for practice (there are many great ones for this exercise) I would want to not only see the interpretation into ASL from the learner but be able to clearly hear and see the presentation at the same time. This way I could tell if the student is matching the speaker accurately in their affect, pace etc.

I am currently searching for ways to make this possible and so far haven’t had much success, although I’ve by no means exhausted what Google has to offer me.

This method would also need to be able to take an ASL video of a Deaf person signing and overlay a video of the student interpreter. This way the instructor can watch the video of the Deaf person while listening to the English interpretation the student is producing. Watching a video of the student I think is important as well so that there can be feedback into their body language while they are speaking into English.

If you happen to have any solutions to this please comment and let me know. If not then perhaps I will solve this on my own and will post my video project when it is done in the next few days.

More to come…


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