Digital Project Reflection

Well I finally finished my digital project (click here if you want to watch it on YouTube)

I learned the following:

– I am a perfectionist and have to be satisfied with what I have because I don’t have another 8 hours to do it 14 more times to make it perfect.
– Technology is amazing and complicated – it’s easy to try and make things more elaborate than necessary
– I used a program called “PowToon” which is free software for creating project videos or slideshows. It became tedious to produce my whole project using that program so I only did the introduction. In hindsight I think it was a little cheesy to use it in this particular project. It was nice to try something new though and I would use it in the future on it’s own.
– I didn’t explain the interpreter symbol that I showed on my screencast but I should have since it just flashed on the screen with no explanation.
I wished I had interpreted the video with the explanation of before hand, as I made a couple of errors in my interpretation.
I liked how my points at the end with the Pros and Cons turned out. I think it looked professional and clean. It was very easy as well because I just typed out everything in MS Word.
I really liked – it was easy to use and free!
There wasn’t as much research on use of video feedback for sign language interpreters in the form of academic research
There are many many uses of this type of feedback and with technology today it is very easy to use and accessible for anyone who has a smart phone and a computer.

On of the most difficult parts of this assignment is, as usual, the metacognitive aspects of learning how to teach learners. I am trying to put myself in the minds of the learners whilst being a learner myself. I need to reflect on how effective this technique will be for my future learners but also how effective my presentation of this technique is to my peers and instructor.

Overall I found this to be a challenging and enjoyable assignment. I was able to learn use techniques that will make me a more effective instructor using a ‘flipped classroom’ approach. It was also a reinforcement of the benefits of using video feedback for developing interpreting skills.


3 thoughts on “Digital Project Reflection

  1. royfisher454 says:

    Wow. Tyler, very nicely done. Your video is powerful and clear. Thank you for helping me to learn about signing and the technologies available to make it easy for anyone to use. I like the Screen Cast platform you used, and will try it myself next time. – Roy

    • TytheTerp says:

      Thank you Roy for your feedback. As this was my first attempt at a project like this I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I enjoyed working on it and am glad I learned how to use this technology. I hope I will get a chance to apply what I learned in the near future.

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