“Just keep swimming…”

If you have’t seen the movie, “Finding Nemo” then my title doesn’t mean anything to you. Basically I’m just trying to keep moving forward with this course. I had high hopes of being able to do much of the work on the West Coast Express as I commute to work and back but that hasn’t worked as well as I’d hoped. For a variety of reasons I haven’t been on the train as much as I thought I would have been. This means that I need to do the course work when I should be spending time with my family or sleeping. Needless to say, I’ve been very tired lately.

I am finding it difficult to ‘get into the course’. I am interested but only at a surface level right now due to my inability to jump in for as many hours as I think the course deserves. I am hoping to make some adjustments for the last half of the course and get more hours in on the train on my iPad.

I am working on the discussion forum summary right now and when I’ve jumped that hurtle I hope I can be more involved in the forum discussions that are taking place.

I find myself trying to keep up with the rapid discussion. If I don’t read the forum replies in the morning and evening everyday I am swamped and have to play catch up. This course has been more difficult than I thought it would be for me. I’ll just keep swimming and try to not get carried away in the current of life.


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