Forum Summary – ie. The unending nightmare

I moderated a forum on the concept of a flipped classroom and as part of this assignment had to come up with a summary of the forum. Seemed like a simple task, just a half an our or so to whip together a summary and throw it up on moodle.

Not so much.

After about 7 attempts I finally finished and got it up over a week later than I planned on putting it up and it’s only half as good as I had envisioned.

I had plans to pull out all of the themes and sub themes that had been identified. I was going to group the resources that everyone had posted into categories and pull out all the graphics into nice PDF’s for easy access.

It turned out to be more technically demanding than I could handle having been sick and a few restless nights with kids up throughout the night. I am also plagued by my over confidence I had with my iPad. I planned on doing the vast majority of course work on the train commuting but am coming up on technological barriers as well as temporal.

Alas it is done now. I will continue to participate in the forums as best I can starting tomorrow and continue with my blog and reflective journals.

I am working on a blog entry that explores my motivations for taking the course as that is a major stumbling block for me right now.

More to come…


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