Making learning a game

I have been participating in a forum on my current PIDP course and the discussion is about gaming in education. It’s a really interesting topic that poses a great deal of challenges but also much promise of success. Gaming is hugely popular because it’s fun. If we can make learning feel like less of a chore or work then people will be more inclined to participate. This is similar to exercise, if it’s a game it’s fun. Soccer, floor hockey, basketball is tons of running and cardio, that’s fun. If you’re on a treadmill it’s monotonous work.

I think this is all in the same thread of thought about the change that needs to happen in education. We have this thought stuck in our heads that education has to be a certain way for it to be effective but it’s time we start looking past what we know and do rote. I think the question of why needs to be posed more often.

Why are we giving a lecture to teach…whatever it is we are giving a lecture about? Why do we think this is a good way to deliver the curriculum? If we start to take time to analysis and reflect we may come across some uncomfortable realizations. We might be wrong.

This is why I think we don’t do it. If we start to really question why we do things then it means we have to question if what we have been doing has been wrong. If that’s true then that means we have to change it. That’s really hard to do. What if we don’t know how to make that change? What if we don’t know what kind of change to make? hmmm….lecture seems to be effective and lots of people do it…lets just keep doing it eh? Or maybe not.


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