Motivation and me

I am going through the amazing amount of posts on the forum that has now closed. I have not been able to keep up with the forum postings lately so I am playing catch up. This of course has lead me to thinking about what is being discussed, particularly motivation.

The biggest learning I have taken from everything that has been discussed is that: ‘It’s complicated”

Theories galore are dedicated to explaining motivation, how it works for the motivator as well as the motivatee..and they can be one and the same person!

As an instructor working mostly one on one, the most important thing for me is to ask questions that help me understand what my mentor is trying to get out of his/her education. Once they can explain it to me, then I know they understand it themselves. This helps them know what goals to set and then I know how to help guide them as they achieve those goals.

Often the goals they had originally set are ones that will be achieved through another goal that gets at the root of their learning.

As per usual I am thinking about this from both sides of the coin and need to reflect also from my viewpoint as the learner in this course. My motivation has ebbed and flowed like the tide over the past few weeks. Sometimes I am on fire and writing posts, reading and researching theories and into the forums. Other times…not so much.

Why is that? Well, ‘It’s complicated’.

Sometimes it is indeed related to Maslow’s pyramid and I am just hungry and so this course is really low on the list of priorities. Other times I have put my family over and above this course. I did that this weekend, I didn’t complete an assignment as a result, and I’m ok with that. I had a really good time connecting with my family and especially my son and frankly that is far more important than my journal submission.

Now I will get back to it, push forward like that little snail in my last posting and “get er done.”


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