and that…as they say…is that!

I have made it to the end of this course with mixed feelings. I am happy to have it over with and not have to worry about this on my to-do list everyday. I am glad to have participated and really have enjoyed the process of this on-line course. I do have some feelings of regret that I did not put in 100% of my effort but the reality is that I am pulled in many directions right now. I am learning to not be a procrastinator and have made some strides during the last few weeks. I have enjoyed the blogging process and look forward to more of that in my life, educationally, professionally and personally. I don’t think I learned the material as much as I learned about the learning process and how I can access the material at any time that I may need it.

I’ll sign off now as a participant in 3250 and look forward to my next course. Thanks Doug for your guidance, I hope to work with you again soon.


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