3210 – more preparation

I have been doing some work on developing curriculum that I may use in my capstone project. It is preliminary work as I haven’t yet registered for 3210 yet. I was feeling like the time pressure of being enrolled in a class would cause me to have more stress than necessary and thus I wouldn’t get the quality of work done than I think I can right now with no time restraints. I thought I would try my hand at self-learning. I have an old copy of the 3210 workbook and am plodding along, taking notes and working through the exercises. I hope to apply all of this to the course when I do finally sign up for it for real. 

The biggest learning so far…it’s very overwhelming. There is so much that goes into developing curriculum and it is dependant upon so many factors which limit what you can do. The objectives that you intend on fullfilling with the course content. Determining what the gap or need is given the current situation. What are the time and financial restraints? Instructor availablity for a given area of instruction play an important role in my particular area of interest as I want to work with Deaf and hard of hearing students. The instrutor needs to be bilingual in English and ASL so that limits the pool of instructors to a very select few. 

I am sorting out the need right now and then I will draft up what the desired situation will look like before I do much more work on this project.

If you read this, thanks, it’s kind of boring. If you have any interest in anything I’m working on, feel free to contact me via a comment or email. 


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