Back on the saddle – where am I going?

I’m now taking 3260 – Professional Practice and once again find myself questioning why I’m here in the first place. Upon watching the explanation of the Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) I am starting to realize that I don’t have a clear sense of what kind of a teacher I am. I’ve written in the past about this and obviously I need to revisit it now. 
I am a mentor of Sign Language Interpreters and that is one way I teach people. I also have done a couple of workshops that are interpreting related and plan on doing more of these. I also want to teach Deaf adults in some way, probably starting with Essential Skills. 
These are different types of teaching and I think that is why I am having trouble in my courses. I am attacking things differently at different times. This really came to light when I took the TPI because I didn’t take it with one perspective or another, which I should have done. I will take it again thinking about one type of instruction at a time in the perspective of:

1. Sign Language Interpreter mentor
2. Workshop instructor/facilitator

3. Instructor for Deaf adults

I look forward to feeling like I know why I’m taking this course and what I want to get out of it. Knowing now that I am coming at things in a few different ways I can figure out how I want to focus my energy. I will continue to work through this exploration of what type of instructor I am becoming and why. 


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