Motivated once again

I am working on an assignment for my professional practice class at VCC and am happy to report that I am feeling inspired and excited to pursue this career of teacher. I am thinking about how I will incorporate my new skills of student feedback that will help me become a better instructor and it gives me a boost of energy to keep going. 
Throughout this journey I have gone through highs and lows because I am not a teacher. Unlike most of my peers, I don’t have a job teaching currently or in the past. I don’t have any immediate plans to teach (other than my capstone project) even though I would like to do so. 
Have some ideas about workshops but don’t feel confident as I have not taken the curriculum development course yet, but I plan on doing so when the time allows. I think that after I have that course under my belt I will feel more prepared to teach a workshop. 
I am comfortable in the front of the class and confident that I can be engaging and will be able to manage a class well. I know that when I do start to teach there will be nerves involved and I will need to push through to get through to being comfortable. 
I look forward to that day and hope it comes soon. 


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