Program Planning – Day 3

I am starting to realize that the reason I am struggling to come up with a DACUM for the courses I am interested in developing are because they may be better suited for a Learning Outcomes Approach rather than a competency approach. The reason I say this is because the courses I’m interested in are about peoples attitudes regarding a certain subject. Specifically about using social media in a more job appropriate manner. This is an attitude about what social media should be used for and as such needs to be geared with a learning outcomes approach. I think I will start to feel more comfortable putting together a course once I start learning how to put together the learning outcomes approach.
I am glad I decided to do a more skills based course for the practice DACUM in class. I chose to design a course on a DIY roof (because I just finished doing this on my own house). This gave me the feel of how to word things properly without having to think too carefully about the emotional outcomes that would be necessary with the learning outcomes approach.


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