The chasm that is the internet…

I have been struggling with this course for many reasons, not least of which is trying to be a father of 4 (two of whom are babies). I am typing this with one of my twin girls on my lap, because that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Another major stumbling block has been…wait for it….wait for it….procrastination! (Did you see what I tried to do there?)

This image kind of sums up how things are going with my online course right now:

There is a great blog about this if you follow this link – this one here!  It’s ironic that most people will probably read this blog entry about procrastinating, whilst procrastinating. That’s also what makes it funny.

So this is basically my problem. I need to be on the interweb in order to do this online course but I spend too much of my time (like 99%) of it being distracted – hey look…a semi-interesting link…

Oh sorry, happened again. Here is a final image I’ll leave you with as I contemplate how to actually start doing the things I need to do for this course, and for my life:


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