Motivated once again

I am working on an assignment for my professional practice class at VCC and am happy to report that I am feeling inspired and excited to pursue this career of teacher. I am thinking about how I will incorporate my new skills of student feedback that will help me become a better instructor and it gives me a boost of energy to keep going. 
Throughout this journey I have gone through highs and lows because I am not a teacher. Unlike most of my peers, I don’t have a job teaching currently or in the past. I don’t have any immediate plans to teach (other than my capstone project) even though I would like to do so. 
Have some ideas about workshops but don’t feel confident as I have not taken the curriculum development course yet, but I plan on doing so when the time allows. I think that after I have that course under my belt I will feel more prepared to teach a workshop. 
I am comfortable in the front of the class and confident that I can be engaging and will be able to manage a class well. I know that when I do start to teach there will be nerves involved and I will need to push through to get through to being comfortable. 
I look forward to that day and hope it comes soon. 


Back on the saddle – where am I going?

I’m now taking 3260 – Professional Practice and once again find myself questioning why I’m here in the first place. Upon watching the explanation of the Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) I am starting to realize that I don’t have a clear sense of what kind of a teacher I am. I’ve written in the past about this and obviously I need to revisit it now. 
I am a mentor of Sign Language Interpreters and that is one way I teach people. I also have done a couple of workshops that are interpreting related and plan on doing more of these. I also want to teach Deaf adults in some way, probably starting with Essential Skills. 
These are different types of teaching and I think that is why I am having trouble in my courses. I am attacking things differently at different times. This really came to light when I took the TPI because I didn’t take it with one perspective or another, which I should have done. I will take it again thinking about one type of instruction at a time in the perspective of:

1. Sign Language Interpreter mentor
2. Workshop instructor/facilitator

3. Instructor for Deaf adults

I look forward to feeling like I know why I’m taking this course and what I want to get out of it. Knowing now that I am coming at things in a few different ways I can figure out how I want to focus my energy. I will continue to work through this exploration of what type of instructor I am becoming and why. 

3210 – more preparation

I have been doing some work on developing curriculum that I may use in my capstone project. It is preliminary work as I haven’t yet registered for 3210 yet. I was feeling like the time pressure of being enrolled in a class would cause me to have more stress than necessary and thus I wouldn’t get the quality of work done than I think I can right now with no time restraints. I thought I would try my hand at self-learning. I have an old copy of the 3210 workbook and am plodding along, taking notes and working through the exercises. I hope to apply all of this to the course when I do finally sign up for it for real. 

The biggest learning so far…it’s very overwhelming. There is so much that goes into developing curriculum and it is dependant upon so many factors which limit what you can do. The objectives that you intend on fullfilling with the course content. Determining what the gap or need is given the current situation. What are the time and financial restraints? Instructor availablity for a given area of instruction play an important role in my particular area of interest as I want to work with Deaf and hard of hearing students. The instrutor needs to be bilingual in English and ASL so that limits the pool of instructors to a very select few. 

I am sorting out the need right now and then I will draft up what the desired situation will look like before I do much more work on this project.

If you read this, thanks, it’s kind of boring. If you have any interest in anything I’m working on, feel free to contact me via a comment or email. 

The Journey Continues

I have started to work on curriculum development. I haven’t started the course yet but I thought I’d take what I learned from my previous course (3250 Instructional Strategies) and be self-motivated. I am excited about getting a jump on this without the pressure of deadlines. I am starting to formulate a plan for curriculum I want to develop and already have two separate course ideas bouncing around in my cranium. More to come…

and that…as they say…is that!

I have made it to the end of this course with mixed feelings. I am happy to have it over with and not have to worry about this on my to-do list everyday. I am glad to have participated and really have enjoyed the process of this on-line course. I do have some feelings of regret that I did not put in 100% of my effort but the reality is that I am pulled in many directions right now. I am learning to not be a procrastinator and have made some strides during the last few weeks. I have enjoyed the blogging process and look forward to more of that in my life, educationally, professionally and personally. I don’t think I learned the material as much as I learned about the learning process and how I can access the material at any time that I may need it.

I’ll sign off now as a participant in 3250 and look forward to my next course. Thanks Doug for your guidance, I hope to work with you again soon.

Flow chart to show where I’m at right now…

Great blog about this (, which I read….while procrastinating. Now I’m going to stop procrastinating and lay one brick of the house I am going to build, by going through the Dark Forest dragging my Instant Gratification Monkey behind me until we get to the Happy Playground. Although to be honest I am running out of the Dark Playground mostly because the Panic Monster is starting to rear his ugly head and most likely my monkey and I won’t make it as far as Happy Playground but instead will end up in Mixed Feelings Park, but it’s a start and that’s what I need to do.

If this makes no sense to you at all (and it most likely will not) please go to the above blog and spend 10 minutes learning about procrastination, either for yourself or someone you love.

Motivation and me

I am going through the amazing amount of posts on the forum that has now closed. I have not been able to keep up with the forum postings lately so I am playing catch up. This of course has lead me to thinking about what is being discussed, particularly motivation.

The biggest learning I have taken from everything that has been discussed is that: ‘It’s complicated”

Theories galore are dedicated to explaining motivation, how it works for the motivator as well as the motivatee..and they can be one and the same person!

As an instructor working mostly one on one, the most important thing for me is to ask questions that help me understand what my mentor is trying to get out of his/her education. Once they can explain it to me, then I know they understand it themselves. This helps them know what goals to set and then I know how to help guide them as they achieve those goals.

Often the goals they had originally set are ones that will be achieved through another goal that gets at the root of their learning.

As per usual I am thinking about this from both sides of the coin and need to reflect also from my viewpoint as the learner in this course. My motivation has ebbed and flowed like the tide over the past few weeks. Sometimes I am on fire and writing posts, reading and researching theories and into the forums. Other times…not so much.

Why is that? Well, ‘It’s complicated’.

Sometimes it is indeed related to Maslow’s pyramid and I am just hungry and so this course is really low on the list of priorities. Other times I have put my family over and above this course. I did that this weekend, I didn’t complete an assignment as a result, and I’m ok with that. I had a really good time connecting with my family and especially my son and frankly that is far more important than my journal submission.

Now I will get back to it, push forward like that little snail in my last posting and “get er done.”